Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I have a writers block right now and that's why I'm writing an entry about it. I've tried two different ideas for an entry but can't write anything that sounds halfway intelligent. I'm so aggravated with myself that I have no motivation to write a blog post. But it's been nearly a week, so I have to write something.
I had a chronic case of writers block in 2008. The affliction just kept getting worse until the end of '09. Happily, this year it is mostly gone.
Sometimes the products of a frustrating writer's block turn out to be popular articles. Read A Revolting Week for a great example of a success story.
I listen to music to not only calm my rattled nerves, but to help me write. Most writers agree that some types of music are helpful when you write. I recommend Yanni's Nightingale unless you're writing a fast- paced action scene.

If you try to begin a short story, but don't write a skeleton first, you may suffer a writers block. I experience this all the time because I often sit down at the computer with the intention of writing a story for no reason other than I just feel like it.

Sometimes it's hard to be patient with a writers block. I nearly gave up writing during my chronic writers block. If you just persist the writers block will go away. If you have true ardor for writing, you can beat the block.

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