Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dream Diary

The other night, I had a dream which kept pestering me. I couldn't get the thought out of my head and it was driving me batty! I tossed and turned in a half-awake state for about an hour. I decided that maybe this was "inspiration knocking", so I pulled out my journal and wrote it down. The dream disappeared. A lot of my short stories started out as dreams, and scenes in some of my stories are extracted from dreams.
Stephenie Meyers dreamed up Twilight, and Mary Shelley dreamed the idea for Frankenstein. Both of these novels were huge successes and later, movie franchises.
 The wonderful thing is that when you're young, you'll dream more than your grandparents do! At the age of 19-30 years old, one has their peak percentage of REM sleep. Guess what? Mary Shelley was 19 years old when she dreamed about Frankenstein, and Stephenie Meyers was 30 when she dreamed of Twilight.
I read that people should keep a tape recorder next to their bed and record their dreams vocally. This way that inspiration can be preserved. Often, you think that you'll remember the dream all night and when you wake up you can't remember it.
The sleeping state really helps to get your mind working. As soon as you wake up, write random things, and surprise yourself at what amazing things you thought of.
I'll leave you with  five common dreams and their interpretations.
  1. Being chased means that you are afraid of something in your real life, and that you're trying to escape a consequence or something that is happening.
  2. Help!!!! You're in the middle of the grocery store, look down and realize you're not wearing clothes. Being naked in a dream means you're afraid of being seen for who you really are. Also it could mean that you want to be seen for who you really are.
  3. Water is a common symbol in dreams. A few drops of water signifies forgiveness. Murky water signals problems ahead. Waterfalls mean abundance in your future. Calm smooth water is a good omen.
  4. Dreams of your teeth falling out reflects a lack of self esteem and a bad body image. People who fear of getting old and ugly may dream that their teeth are falling out, or crumbling in their hands.


Sally said...

Wow i love the advice about tape recorders! I think I'll use that.

Anonymous said...

what a lovely reason to get extra sleep.