Sunday, March 28, 2010

Journal Journeys

Are you an avid diary writer? If you are reading this blog right now, I am guessing that you have some interest in writing. Writing in a diary is the best way to get out your feelings on paper and to stimulate your writing brain.
I am obsessed with diary writing. When I write in my diary, I am making myself immortal through my life in writings. I am passing on a legacy through the pages of my diary. I imagine futuristic societies reading my diary and using it as a portal to enter the past. I make sure to refer to popular music, fads, and fashion in order to preserve the essence of my day and age. One of my mom’s Facebook friends has the right idea. Back in the 80’s he took video of parties and other social gatherings. He captured not only a time, but also a completely different era through his videos.
I try to do this same thing with my diary. It is so much fun if you have a leaning for writing, and if you do not like writing and would like to start, diary writing is a great beginning. I am working on my sixth diary, and have been writing in my diary for seven years. Currently I have just started a 400 page one with large pages since my last one only lasted for about 2.5 months. It was about 90 pages long. To make your diary writing experience more fun, here are some of my favorite boredom busters:
  • Tape photos into the pages.
  • Do not write when you do not feel like it, but consider writing a commitment.
  • Read your old diaries occasionally. Sometimes you have to realize how you love reading your diary before you can write.
  • If you haven't had children yet, write for your future offspring. I know that I would love to have read my mother's childhood diaries!
  • Also, imagine archeologists brushing dust off your tattered diary, reading it and turning it into a movie.
If you do the last one, just remember that you will be dead by then (hopefully), and the movie will not humiliate you eternally. At least I hope not.

Don't lose another moment of your life-record it all today!

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Anonymous said...

I love your tip about writing for offspring. I wish I would have done that. Hope others take your advice.