Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pea Brains Not Allowed

Yesterday I found myself reading a website which I had in past months determined to be only suitable for elderly folks. I had the impression that the articles were created for relaxing inspiration. Upon reading two of the site's columns I was surprised to discover them surprisingly witty.

One was written by a man, the other by his wife. The woman's column shocked me with its lack of sugariness, and the man's was incredibly fresh and smart. I know what I am-I'm critical and close minded about everything which doesn't apply to me. I was glad I'd finally read these articles.

What a disadvantage it is to be narrow minded! Reading can enrich our lives and minds, but this can't be achieved if you don't accept new things. It's often hard for me to read a book due to the mere fact that my younger sister was enthralled with it. It was a long time before I finally read Lord of the Flies. I was shocked to find it an intriguing and moving work of art. Just recently, my sister read Anne of Green Gables. I was dubious of the book at first. When I read it at last, I found myself completely taken with the detailed characters and vivid descriptions. I only wish to be as talented and vibrant a writer as Lucy Maud Montgomery. I may have never read some of my favorite books if others hadn't inspired me to keep an open mind.

Don't postpone reading new books and different genres. It is the key to writing in new ways. When I was around ten, a librarian introduced me to Sharon Creech's works. Her books weren't at all what I was accustomed to. They didn't match my R.L Stine criteria. But there was something about Sharon Creech's books that inspired me to change my writing. In my pre-Sharon Creech writings, there was always a Goosebumps-style tone. I learned the power of dialogue and close character portrayals through Walk Two Moons. I learned to reveal things delicately and slowly by reading Chasing Redbird. I'm always discovering new ideas from reading things which step out of my boundaries. Isn't it wonderful to be flexible and have a variety of tastes?

I'm beginning to sound like something that isn't my type, so I'll go now.

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MamaMallory said...

This is beautiful! So inspirational!

Anonymous said...

I'm totally inspired! I'm going to open my narrow mind now!