Thursday, January 7, 2010

Welcome to Blue Pencil Diaries!

This blog's purpose is to exhibit my works so that others can enjoy my writings. I hope that anyone who wishes to will read my postings, which will vary but all show a main theme of writing. My first project will be to post 1 page of one of my short stories on this blog per day until the whole story has been posted. This will begin next Monday, January 11th,  so keep your eyes peeled!
Oh yah and about my name. I think the color blue symbolizes me fairly well, and then the pencil part-I use a pencil to write. Why is it diaries? Because I love writing diaries, of course!
Be the first to leave a comment on this entry and I'll give you a copy of Nothing But a Fire, my latest short. It's about a young girl struggling to hold onto hope, while the odds seem to all be against her. Her father is gone at war, and she now has to start 7th grade even though she's been homeschooled her whole life. When her freinds start rumoring about her father, it seems her world is turning upside down. Aprox. 20 pages long.
  Hurry! Time is running out! Leave a comment!


Anonymous said...

Pretty blog. Can't wait to read your stories! Looks like i get the freebie!

The Blue Pencil said...

Thanks for leaving a comment, Anonymous! You'll be recieving your new book in a matter of days!