Friday, January 8, 2010


I realized something last night that I think might help me with my writing. It's that I should write how I think. I imagine up glorious stories in my brain,  with fiery dialouge and thrilling events. The things that I write just don't have that pizazz! (At least not usually.)
Most of my family and I visited the grocery store yesterday.Most people, I imagine, find a trip to the grocery dull and uninteresting. I, on the other hand think of it as an adventurous way to watch people and think of what may be happening in their life. To watch strangers going about their lives has much scope for the imagination to wander and think up a long tale on their imagined lives.
Writing about this reminds me of a game my sister and I used to take part of very often as children. It was called "the Brothergame." We'd pretend to be people living in our imagined land-there were the towns of Honkersville, Babysville, and even Madysville. This game could occupy us for hours. Writing about Sally, Henry, Bob, Mary, Miss Violet, and many other characters was one of my favorite pastimes.
My younger sister created many drawings of the characters, and I struggled to draw things as well as she did, but she had  a gift even at 5 or so which enabled her to draw better than even children older than her.
A few years ago, I read about the Bronte sisters and discovered that they, too, made up their own world to write stories about. Perhaps this is the start of all creative minds- maybe someday I will have writing success such as the Bronte sisters!
Well I'm tired of this now so I'll go!

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Wow! Good game!