Monday, January 18, 2010

Goodbye Earth, pt. 8

Goodbye Earth
Page Eight

“Huh?” Jerri answered.

“Can you come over today? Maybe you can sleep over. I just want to have as much fun with you as I can until I leave!” I said bravely.

“Oh thank you so much Star! My mom and I were saying I should sleep over! My dad will drive me over because he has to go to the bank by your house. I’ll be there in ten minutes!” Jerri replied.

“Okay, Jerri!” I said, and hung up. When I see everyone out the window of that rocket, it will be the last I see of him or her, forever, and ever. I sighed and went to talk to Peace.

“Hey Peace, what’s up?” I asked, finding her sitting on her bed solemnly.

“Nothing.” she replied.

“You know you should talk to me as much as possible before I leave,” said I.

“About what, Star?” Peace asked.

“Ask me anything, Peace, please."

“Do you think Joe Frisks is like, hot, or whatever?” Peace asked.

“Well…” I said, blushing. He was the guy I desperately wanted to marry back when I was nine. I do not like him anymore of course.   “I used to, but now strongly believe that he is a jerk,” I replied.

Peace turned white. She looked at me in disgust.

“I am like so totally going to barf! One of the kids at track told me you used to like him,” Peace said.

Then I was mad. The only person I had told that to was Jerri. In addition, she must have told her friend, Deckard, who incidentally was best friends with a girl on Peace’s track team. I could completely scream. I wanted to kill Jerri, but I suddenly realized I should not be angry for I would never see these people again.

I decided to talk some more with Peace.

“I was nuts about him for a while when I was nine,” I said, “Have you ever really liked a guy?”

Peace blushed in this freaky way. “I was just thinking about some guy who I realized is going to die before ever meeting me,” she said.

“Who?” I asked.

“Joe Jonas.”

I was now officially going to die. How could anyone give a hoot about Sharpie eye browed Joe Jonas? She didn't even know him! Nevertheless, I had to be mature about it.

“Well, you know what? I bet you I could arrange for you to meet him for real, in person, Peace!” I dug through my piggy bank, and pulled out my 500 dollars I had saved over the years. It was going to buy a car, but I decided to give it to Peace since I probably would not need it. In addition, Peace had 600 dollars.

"Combine this money with yours and buy backstage passes for the Jonas Brothers concert coming up on Monday, okay?” I said. Last night I'd seen on TV the backstage special for a Jonas Brothers concert down in Wytheville.

Peace’s face lit up. I had always seen her as witchy and annoying, but in fact, she was a cute girl with a lovely face.

“Oh thank you so much Star! I love you!”
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