Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Goodbye Earth, pt. 3

Goodbye Earth
Page 3
This page will include two days of Star's life. Keep that in mind to avoid confusion.

Shocked, I put down the letter and held it pinned to the bed. What should I do? Perhaps it was a joke. I ran my fingers over the letters precariously. Picking up the letter, I ran into the basement. Everyone was putting away the groceries and replenishing our winter storage. Swallowing tightly, I handed the letter to my mom.

“Read this,” I muttered.

Dad sauntered to Mom's shoulder, a grocery bag in his hand. He looked over Mom’s shoulder at the letter. Mom placed her hand over her mouth and tossed the letter on to the floor. She grabbed me, and pulled me close. I put my head over her shoulder and then tugged my self out of her clutch.

“Oh Mom! I don’t want it to be this way!” I sighed, holding her svelte shoulders at arm's length.

“Star, it just isn’t going to happen,” she smiled, shaking her head, “there is not going to be an end to the world! It’s all just silly nonsense.”

"But, Dad said, "You can go to get it out of your system."

I had a horrid feeling in my stomach, as if nothing was going to be the way they said. I just felt it in my gut that life was not as good as they all assumed. I sneaked up the creaky green stairs into my bedroom and grabbed the cell phone my sister and I shared. I dialed the NASA phone number, and took a deep breath.

Friday, December 11, 2012

I sat down quietly on my circle chair, my little "comfy cove". However, that day, I was not feeling comfortable. I opened up the internet on the laptop and typed in, Niburu. A representative from NASA had recommended it. Scrolling down the blue hyperlinks, I clicked a link to Youtube. All the videos I saw were generally disturbing and they altogether filled me with sorrow and pity for everyone who I had to leave behind. My cat, Chunky leaped onto the chair and climbed under my legs to get warm under the computer. He was a cute furry white cat whom I had rescued off the side of the road one stormy night when I was nine. I had run outside to grab my coat to keep it from getting wet when I heard a cat meowing from somewhere in the street. I looked around and finally saw two furry white paws clawing from inside of a gutter. You know those gutters without grates that kind of go under the sidewalk? Well that is where the cat was. I crouched down, grabbed those paws tightly, and pulled him out. He was a nasty little cat, all wet and ugly. However, I dried him off and the next day he was dry. He was wearing a little jingling collar, and a tag. He belonged to the people of the house down the street, which a dreadful fire had consumed. All the people had died in the hospital. That little cat has been my lovely pet for 3 years now. Could I leave him to die while I lived on a space station somewhere in space? Most certainly not! That would be absolutely worse than being abandoned out on a stormy night. I put down the laptop and just cuddled Chunky. He squirmed and jumped out of my clutch. I just lie back and let out a sigh. I looked up at the ceiling and thought, “Oh my gosh.” It seemed just so weird to be actually witnessing the end. This must be the end of life. This must be the end of the world. Perhaps it is wrong to survive. If God wanted me to live, he wouldn't have made the end of the world. I then realized that I had ten more days to live on Earth. I would make the rest of my life the best of my life. I placed the laptop on the floor, stood up, and went to the basement. There was something my Mom needed to know.
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