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Goodbye Earth, pt. 6

Goodbye Earth
Page Six
Again, 2 days of Star's life are included in this page. Remember this in order to avoid confusion.

Jerri eyed me in the strangest way and I almost thought I had made a fool of myself. Then she grabbed me in a huge hug and said, "You know, you are my best friend, and I'm glad you're gonna live."

For the first time that day, I felt happy and carefree. I never would have thought that I would have a best friend. The best I could expect in my life was a person who did not just pretend to be my friend, because they wanted to use my badminton net, or whatever.

So that day I finally became real friends with Jerri Tarantelly, but also that day I did other things.

I learned the true meaning of what is going to happen in ten days.

I realized that I was best friends with someone.

I became a VERY stressed out girl.

Saturday, December 12, 2012

I walked through the parking lot of the NASA facility. My family was not allowed to enter the headquarters. I wore my hair in an excrutiatingly shiny style. I wore clean jeans, and a soft sweater. Upon my feet were my mom’s high-heeled black leather boots. Usually, I was not allowed to wear them, but this was a special occasion.

Upon entering the building a receptionist greeted me, saying,

“Miss Arusta? I am so happy to meet you! You are ten minutes early for the tour, but you should go into room 433 and wait for your teacher. There are two other people in there already, so just make yourself at home! These will be your friends and family when you go on the station!”

I smiled weakly and walked into the room. There was a teenage boy with glasses and a young blonde woman wearing a blue dress. I said hi, and they responded. I sat down on a hard metal folding chair. People poured in, mostly teenagers, scattered with a few toddlers. At last, the tour guide entered. She was a woman wearing a suit, skirt, and tie.

“Hello everyone. As you all know, you were chosen to live on a space station far away from home. Tomorrow you will set out on your journey on a rocket. You will be shot with a tranquilizing drug that will last you for most of the trip, up to the last 3 minutes. The journey to the station will take 4 days, and then you will cross a vacuum-sealed bridge. Some people find the trip across the bridge frightening, as it is made of clear plastic. You will be wearing a space suit of course so you can breathe. Space suits will be very heavy and you may feel exhausted and hot. However, after you cross the bridge, you can board the dock and strip of your suits. In the space station, there is a video arcade, bedding quarters, a cafeteria, a pool, and various other places to pique your interests. I’m going to pass out some papers telling what you can do at the dock,” she said, and passed out the papers. I felt excited for a moment, and then felt deep sorrow because my cat was going to die, my parents, my sister, my friend…” I could go on and on about all the people whom I was betraying. Then the woman continued.

“I must remind you that there are stem cells in a special room. When we are certain that everyone is comfortable in the space station, we will give birth to these children. In addition, there will be marriages in the space station. Everyone is required to, at some point, marry and reproduce. I understand some of you may already be married. Nevertheless, since your spouses will be dead, you will be a widow or widower. Every one of you married folks will definitely be widowed by April.” At that point, a sort of sad gasp emanated from the group. One woman started crying. The sound of her sobs made my eyes water.

The guide cleared her throat. “Soo that is our lesson. Go back home and say goodbye to your loved ones. A limousine will come to each of your houses tomorrow morning and pick up you, your family, and who ever else wants to watch you leave. Questions anyone?”

A teen boy spoke up. “Can I bring my dog?”

“No sir, we have size limits. Your dog cannot come.”

I felt the urge to ask if Chunky could come. “Ma’am, I think it’s absolutely unfair not to allow people to bring any personal belongings. I truly cannot leave my cat alone to die!” A chorus of yells came up in the group.

“I want to bring my pet rat!” one little girl shouted.

“My bird!” yelped a girl my age.

Soon the group was aloud with shouts of what pets they wanted to bring.
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