Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Capture Your Childhood

When I was six years old, my sister in law gave me my first diary. Since then, I've been dedicated to my diary and have written nearly every day.
It's very interesting to read my old journals. In a way, I can relive my past, and feel like a kid again.
My 6-year-old self is embodied in my writings. Here's a diary entry I wrote at the age of seven. I hope you appreciate it.

June 10th
Today was merry! Mom said we couldn't play outside because Dad put pesticide all over the house. Mom went to the Refrigoration Co. I think it was called that. She wanted to get some filters for the air conditioner. I am getting better at standing on my head. Bonanza was about Adam getting married! The lady Adam married had a daughter around my age. Dad read some of my diary. We sold the house.

Perfecting my head stand is something I still haven't done, and the house wasn't sold until a year later. But, if you think about it, something is captured in this entry. For another of my childhood writings, go here:

No matter how old you are, write in your diary because you are preserving a memory. And that's an incredible thing.


Buffy said...

Adorable. So cute.

I remember my first diary. It had a lock on it and some kind of design all over. My journaling lasted about three days. It just wasn't cool to do it and I didn't know of anybody who really did it.

I think now I write because of how much fun it is using a computer and getting feedback from others. I still don't do it every day, but it gives me enjoyment in my retirement days.

The Blue Pencil said...

Good for you that you finally got started!